I haven’t made any entries here since 2019.  When I reviewed the stats, I was surprised at the number of visits to this site.  When I looked more closely, I discovered that most of the visits were for one post:  Basic Journal Exercises for Ira Progoff’s Intensive Journal Process.

I’m both pleased and amused by this.  Information about a tool for exploring one’s own life was more popular than any of the agonizing, self-disclosures I’d made to illustrate the medial personality.  All too appropriate!  Exploring one’s own life is far more valuable than learning from the experiences of another.

And yet, if I hadn’t gone through the trauma of publishing my own experiences, I wouldn’t have written about Ira Progoff’s Intensive Journal Method, and no one would have asked for the instructions for the Basic Journal Exercises, and I would never have thought about publishing them here.

God is a trickster!  I’d thought that writing about the medial personality was a ‘calling’ — something important that I had to do.  I was tormented by the project for years.  And now I discover that providing easier access to a tool for self-discovery may have been the true ‘calling.’  I have to admit that I am very good at writing clear instructions for complex tasks.

Even so, I plan to resume posting original material.  Much of it will be from past journal entries edited for clarity and to reflect universal experiences.  As with the Progoff journal, reviewing past entries provides new insights.  I hope to learn from what I post.

1 thought on “HIATUS

  1. Hello, My name is Rich Benjamin. I am a webmaster. We are creating a website for a fellow Spad Pilot who flew and served with Major Dean E. DeTar. The website will be about the unit, O.L.A.A.

    From the records we have been given we have been able to recreate pretty extensive Pilot logs, we are hoping to launch the site in the next couple of months

    I will be attaching a link to this article in Dean’s Bio


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