Poustinia Journal: Colors


(Poustinia Journal, 11/24/2012)

I appreciate the vividness of the Colors of the Creation and the mystical, luminous White Light.  These are the colors of completion.bright-colors-hallway-914113 - CROPPED

I am fascinated by the Gray.  It is the chaos of metamorphosis and transformation; of the disintegration prerequisite for evolution; the yet unformed and forming that will eventually emerge into the vivid Colors of Creation.  Gray is the color of becoming.

I am seduced by the awesome mysteries of the Black.  I fear that in entering its depths, I may be lost forever.  However, it promises me “incomparable light” if I willingly go there — not just for myself, but for others.  Black is the Color of Mystery.

I accept the invitation.


This was written in response to the first chapter of Mary K Delirgio’s, Our Journey to the Sky Trafford Publishing, 2005.